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How to donate to Marine Rescue Port Hedland


Containers for Change

We all know that recycling your plastic water bottles and soft drink cans is good for the planet and future



Well, how would it be if you could help Marine Rescue Port Hedland at the same time as you are doing your

bit for the environment? 

You can now go straight to a recycling centre and scan the Marine Rescue Port Hedland bar-code and the refund will be deposited into our account.

Download the MRPH Containers for Change bar code from the attached JPG file and transfer it to your phone so that you can scan it before you deposit your recyclables.

Remember about dropping off your recyclables:


  • The recyclables must be intact and clean and have the barcode visible, (ie. do not crush the cans or bottles)

  • The lids of water bottles must be removed, (they can also be recycled separately).


There are lots of recycling centres you can find your nearest redemtion centre by clicking on the link below

Donate Funds

Donations are a very important source of income for the Group and provide great assistance in keeping our organisation equipped and prepared to deal with the many and various tasks we are called on to perform. Whether you are a boatie or not, whether we have assisted you or not, your donation will make a difference.

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