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Our Purpose and Vision

Marine Rescue Port Hedland's purpose is to preserve life at sea. The group is a volunteer organisation with professionally trained personnel, ready to assist 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

We aim to be world class in volunteer marine rescue with teams of skilled, effective and efficient volunteers and the best equipment. We encourage and respect one another's views and recognise the contributions and efforts that are made.​

How It Works

Marine Rescue Port Hedland may be activated for an operation through a number of means. We will work with government agencies and private entities to enact a response plan according to best practice. Please note that Marine Rescue Port Hedland has no obligation to recover property and in some instances only render assistance to individuals.

Rescue Etiquette 

Should you be provided assistance by the Marine Rescue group, it is expected that you will make a financial contribution to the ongoing operation of the group. A rescue operation will include fuel, maintenance, wear and tear as well as team members time which may have involved stepping out of their full time jobs. 

How you can help

One of the biggest challenges we face is in raising awareness and educating the public in the principles of safe boating and survival at sea. Ensuring you undertake safe and responsible boating is the biggest contribution you can make. Having the right equipment and using it in the right way is the main objective and while this is broad, as a skipper this is your responsibility. If you end up in the ocean due to a boating mishap for any reason, you'll need everything in your favour for us to find you safely. 

VMR691 Port Hedland in Action:

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