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Iron Pride is our flagship vessel and the envy of other Australian Volunteer Marine Rescue Groups. Powered by twin 350hp V8 Yamaha outboards, she is capable of towing most recreational craft encountered in Port Hedland and surround areas.

Iron Pride was originally built in 2012.  The vessel underwent an extensive refit in Perth that was completed in October 2019.

Length: 9.3m

Beam: 3.35m

Draft: 0.6m

Hull Type: Aluminium "Air Rider"

Propulsion: Twin Yamaha F350 Outboards

Top Speed: 43kts

Fuel Capacity: 1000L

Survey: 2C (30nm)



Cape Thouin is our secondary rescue vessel, capable of undertaking offshore and inshore missions. This vessel was built and delivered to Port Hedland in October 2021 and has since replaced Rescue Vessel "Responder".

Length: 7.5m

Beam: 2.8m

Draft: 0.6m

Hull Type: NAIAD (Kirby Marine)

Propulsion: Twin Yamaha F175 Outboards

Top Speed: 41kts

Fuel Capacity: 400L

Survey: 2C (30nm)



Tinny is our inshore and estuary response vessel. As the name suggests, she is best suited for assisting with numerous shallow water operations that occur in the Port Hedland, Finucane Harbour and surrounding areas. 

Length: 3.85m

Beam: 1.7m

Hull Type: Pressed Aluminium

Propulsion: Yamaha 30hp 2-Stroke Outboard

Top Speed: 23 kts

Draft: 0.35m

Fuel Capacity: 40L

Survey: 2D (Sheltered Waters)



RV Gallard is our shallow water rescue craft. This vessel is a grab and go vessel that can be beach launched and used nearshore or in the estuaries.  The primary functions for RV Gallard are rescuing kite boarders, towing small vessels, and shallow water patrols.

Length: 3.56 m

Beam: 1.27m

Hull Type: Fibreglass

Propulsion: Yamaha 4 Stroke 1.8L High Output Inboard

Top Speed: 43 kts

Draft: 0.4 m

Fuel Capacity: 75L

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